Open to all area high school students aged 13-18

The purpose of OVRC Youth Rowing program is to teach rowing to the youth of the Ohio Valley and to provide an opportunity to compete in local and regional regattas. Youth are taught the fundamentals of rowing, are coached in the finer points of rowing technique and are guided in physical conditioning

OVRC is designed as a competitive rowing team while still having the capability to teach the new rower. Rowers will be grouped together according to skill level and coached accordingly. Rowers will earn seats in racing boats. Priority is to field the fastest boats possible in all categories.

Spring Season

Considered the youth COMPETITIVE season. Emphasis on sweep, but continuing to offer sculling while developing rowing mechanics, racing skills, and conditioning. The goal is to have athletes maximize their full potential physically and mentally and develop an appreciation for the sport of rowing while striving to compete at the highest levels. Our practices and race schedules prepare OVRC youth to row at this high level.

Summer Season

Offers youth summer learn to row programs for participants who want to learn how to row. Emphasis is on technique refinement, exercise, and the joy of summer rowing. There are usually 2 Level 1 Camps offered through the summer. Check back for details.

Fall Season

Programs focus on building technical proficiency and improving physical strength and endurance starting in late August and lasting until the middle of November. Rowers continue practicing on the water for as long as the weather permits. Fall races are longer in length (head races) and are usually river races.

Winter Season

Programs takes place indoors at the same OVRC boathouse. Rowers will build on their erging strength, or get back in rowing shape. Practice will incorporate rowing on the ergometers, weight circuits, running, and cross training. Rowers will work with varsity coaches on individual and team process and outcome goals. Boathouse open for practice Monday through Saturday.


OVRC provides coaching, equipment, administration and helps to establish parent participation. We encourage new members whether they receive support from a school or not. Anyone is welcome!