Dave Cummons of Charleston donated a large mural that will be on display in the conference room at the rowing club in Parkersburg.

The mural was painted for Dr. Oliver H. Brundage by Ellie Salsbery. She was well known during the 1960s for her work in abstract and contemporary art and showed both locally and nationally.

Cummons was given the painting by Brundage's widow, Trudy.

The painting depicts many of Brundage's successes and accomplishments that were so dear to his heart, said OVRC spokesman Les Pritchard. Brundage was a local physician who helped to expand rowing in the Parkersburg area and throughout the country.

Brundage fell in love with rowing when he lived in Philadelphia, which is considered the capital of rowing in the United States, Pritchard said. The large letters OVRC in the painting stand for the Ohio Valley Rowing Club, which Brundage started in 1960.

The flags in the painting represent the local schools where Brundage helped start rowing programs: Parkersburg Catholic High School, Parkersburg High School, Mountain State College and Ohio Valley College. All of these schools rowed out of the Ohio Valley Rowing Club's Happy Valley boat house.

Brundage, who worked in internal medicine, was well known throughout the country for his dedication to rowing. He was the team physician for several of the U.S. National teams, including for the 1968 Olympics.

Brundage was a licensed referee and an accomplished coach, Pritchard noted. Brundage assisted the local school teams and coached the youths who rowed during the summer for the Ohio Valley Rowing Club.

The rowing club teams consisted of rowers from all local schools. His teams were successful and won the 1968 Youth Championships in Philadelphia.

Brundage passed away in 1973.

"His passion for rowing along with his dedication and impact on the sport both locally and nationally is something everyone in Parkersburg can be proud of," Pritchard said.

Cummons coached the women's team for the Ohio Valley Rowing Club and rowed for Mountain State College. He became good friends with Brundage.

With Brundage as a mentor, Cummons became an accomplished coach, Pritchard said. He became known nationally by beating the best women's rowing team in Philadelphia, Pritchard said.

"Dave is one of several outstanding rowing coaches that have come out of the Ohio Valley," Pritchard said.

Cummons is working to achieve an indoor rowing record on the Concept 2 Ergometer. Over the past nine years he has rowed more than 17 million meters and needs three million more meters next year to achieve his goal of 20 million meters in 10 years, Pritchard said.

In 1993, the Ohio Valley Rowing Club moved to its present location on the Ohio River at the foot of 19th Street in Parkersburg. The rowing club, along with many volunteers and contributions, has turned the old Parkersburg Water Treatment plant into one of the nicest boat house facilities outside of Philadelphia, Pritchard said.

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